what I stand for

My name is TIES. I want style, hand-crafted quality and sustainability to go hand in hand. I offer a new generation of fashion devotees an alternative pick for what is available on the fast fashion market. TIES AMSTERDAM spreads love for relaxed, long-lasting garments with exceptional details and elegant accents. Wear it today, wear it tomorrow, wear it in the future!

TIES AMSTERDAM is comfortable and classy, to style to suit your mood of the day. For a fair price that benefits all people involved. I believe that a genuinely sustainable endeavour starts with conscious production and the exclusion of surplus stock. TIES AMSTERDAM is committed to circular design ethics, creating high-quality fashion items while using fabrics that are nontoxic, easy to care for and renewable. Apparel with the lowest possible environmental impact.

what I am going for

TIES AMSTERDAM combines a love for true workmanship with the minimalistic functionality of contemporary design. To prepare fashion for the future, I want to change how ready-to-wear clothes are created, produced and sold. I am committed to manufacturing superior apparel that defies the craze of the day and the constant cycle of fashion seasons. In doing so, I want to minimalize the impact on the environment and safeguard the wellbeing of all involved in the manufacturing process.

My 2021 debut capsule collection is the first step on my path marked with ambitious and long-term aspirations. I am eager to share my adventures with you. I am open to your constructive suggestions. I aim for progress and improvement.

where I come from

My many interests make go places! Born in Amsterdam in 2000, I am a true city-boy. I love all the creative hotspots and colourful people my home town harbours. Too restless to finish high school, I started producing video reports for Parool-TV, the renowned Amsterdam newspaper. For my program The City is a Playground, I explored the streets of Amsterdam on my bike and reported on all the inspiring initiatives the inventive people of Amsterdam come up with.

As a new model for RICHESMGMT agency, I began to discover the whole wide world too. I travelled to Barcelona, London and Milan. I strutted my first shows for Armani, Burberry and Philipp Plein and did shoots for Calvin Klein and Vogue Italy. My agency suggested that I stay in the metropole Guangzhou for a few months, to gain more experience in the fashion industry. And then, plane tickets already in my back pocket, the coronavirus broke out in China. And shortly after, worldwide.

on lockdowns & a lockmachine

There I was, at home in Amsterdam, in different stages of lockdown for months. No fashion shows and little opportunity to make my Amsterdam video stories. Until one day out of pure boredom, I found myself behind a lockmachine, trying to make the slacks of my dreams. I had never sewn a single thing in my life! I went through the process step by step, until one day I proudly wore my comfortable, alas rather poorly crafted pair of trousers. Low grades for execution, good grades for the idea!

So why not take these comfortable, classy trousers into production? And while I'm at it, make it a capsule collection adding jackets and t-shirts. Clothes you can style in any direction you feel like, street if you want, classy if the occasion arises. Clothes you can were on your bike, like a true Amsterdam city explorer, to a party or a job interview alike. And that's how TIES AMSTERDAM hatched in 2020!